May I use the GNC Meccanica’s suction cups on my CNC?
Yes, you can. Just inform us about the pods height used or the CNC machine brand and we can help you to find the right height.
Should I choose the foam gasket or the rubber lip?
The rubber lip is the best solution for the 95% of job cases, and being more durable than the foam gasket it’s the recommended set-up.
I use to work very raw and irregular stones, the rubber lip doesn’t work for me, how may I change the seal on my GNC Meccanica’s suction cups?
It’s very easy, you don’t need to change nothing. Just remove the rubber lip and insert the foam gasket in the same channel. This is the revolutionary GNC’s pods system that nobody else offers.
Is the foam gasket available in linear inches? And the rubber lips?
Yes, the foam gasket comes in linear inches. Very easy to install, replace and cut directly over the table of the machine. Instead the rubber lips are moulded pieces.
I damaged the pod with the CNC router, should I replace all the suction cup?
No, you don’t! You can replace just the top plate or even just the gasket without busting the bank.
To replace the gasket or the top plate, should I ship the pods back to your warehouse?
No, you don’t! You can do it by yourself in few minutes and get the same precision you had on the brand-new suction cup without losing days in shipping times.
On my machine I have the suction cups mechanically fixed to the table, do you offer suction cups with single vacuum connection?
Yes, we do. And the price remains the same, just let us know during the order process.
What is the minimum and maximum suction cups height available?
Our STANDARD height range goes from 70mm to 240mm, but we constantly make custom height for special job or needs. Just let us know what you need.
Do you produce special suction cups outside your standard?
Yes, we do. Our large selection of shapes is the result of the help to thousands of users. So, don’t be shy to ask us custom made projects, we are very happy to share our 25 years' experience with you.
I don’t like the bottom with rubber, I prefer the traditional base with the orange O-ring, do you provide that kind of base?
Of course, and as for the mechanical fixing bottom the price remains the same.
Currently I’m using the plastic suction cups and they are lighter, why should I switch to aluminium pods?
Because we guarantee the +/-0.05mm height tolerance and the plastic can’t do it. The plastic suffers temperature changing (i.e. between morning and afternoon for). The plastic also suffers the humidity / water absorbing, changing its initial dimension (phenomenon called hygroscopicity).
Why should I buy a GNC product?
Because when you buy GNC you are getting a 26 years of experienced product, developed during the years side by side with users, a made in Italy but assembled in the USA product who saved thousand stone slabs from poor quality works and expensive breakages.